“Putting my ep release on hold due to a pending legal battle for my artistic life. Can (Lexicon) The EP stand the test of time?”By Nutmeg ( Nijeta Ankh)


If you can see this…well this is simply to document for readers..

And thankh the ancestors (Tehuti for our time)for the idea of scribing, and SHOWING, IN STONE and on papyrus, and etched in large stone walls and ceilings, ancestral history and even celestial information.

We are so blessed with such, in this earthly realm, if we take heed to information. We are also given discernment to KNOW what is best for us.

We also have A HEART MEMORY which means OUR HEART TISSUE holds memory.

A part of the soul (of 9 parts) which deals with the NAME of a person of a spiritual nature is the REN. This is a SECRET NAME and implies ones archytype and soul print to be made unto humanity.

Someone has taken my name….

But it is my stage name, not my “REN”.

SO MY SOUL IS SAFE, but my artistic career

Is in such a travail, that money could not solve it.

The GOOD NEWS is I KNOW what is taking place and therefore, must stop what I was doing and refocus on a legal response.

I WILL be posting HERE and giving some updates as I take the proper steps.

I LOVE my ep! Songs are still posted at Youtube, and two (2) tracks are available at Bandlab https://nutmegnijetaankh.bandcamp.com/album/lexicon-earth-plane-the-ep

Support me by Cashapp: $NutmegNijeta9

Email me: Goddesque13@yahoo.com

Keep your vibe HIGH!



Peace & Love


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