“Waiting on Spring” Fling: Grass pedi, SUNSHINE, eating how I really want to! PEACE SIGNS☮️😂…[jpeg]

Peace & Light!

After another trying year..

My feet said “please dig us out of these sneaks and make us surrender to your love!🤣😍😫👣

So for those of you who were concerned

This how they look, my pinkie toe like “WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG”🤣

No million dollar 20$ pedi today.


ASU (downtown Phx) has a nice little saled bar establishment on Central that I “sneak” and order from (I say sneak cause the vibe is student only even though it is a public establishment(PHOENIX SHIT😎).


*”Create your own” fruit and avocado saled.🥗😋😍

Any Covid-19 or so strand worries, have you tried a wellness smoothie?

Well this is the “Immune Builder” which includes ginger, lemon, carrot juice and more!

I live by it for dodging wicked viruses!

Ok….for those who care,

Keep your vibes high!⬆️


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