“Acsension to the New Work!” [Preview]By Nijeta Ankh

Peace & Blessings

to you, my true ones.

Since it is spoken of in the physical realm now,

let is give thankhs (thanks for the Ankh) and dedication to it’s

power to RESTRUCTURE us, our minds and hearts. This,

can only be a gift of the Creator and part of an Exaulted

Assembly which is PRESENT and fully engaged in our

lives on this planet, beautiful earth!

This post is to delineate and examine a concept, acsension.

Also, the New Work that is earth, her inhabitants, and the

spiritual grid holding all in place, now fully impacted.

Everyone you speak with knows something is happening,

I will post my thoughts in this piece/Full blog Sat/Sept 3


Nijeta Ankh aka.Nutmeg


Art (featured image) by Manzel Bowman

“Sublime intervention”

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