*** Nijeta Ankh “Nutmeg” to self release highly anticipated “Lexicon” ep!***

Peace Earth Family🌬️💜💜💜🌎
The LEXICON ep IS JUST DAYS AWAY!!!! Pre-order now and sub to my YouTube Channel! Tell a friend and if they order too, get a free gift (My Magnolia oil) gift set/genuine stone infusion for calming, health and wellness!🌸Get your order in NOW!! I love you, thanks for rocking with me this long and FOR YOUR PATIENCE!🏺💦 https://nutmegnijetaankh.bandcamp.com/album/lexicon-earth-plane-the-ep

FREE GIFT: MY MAGNOLIA™ essential oil blend by YOURS TRULY🤩🌬️💮🥰😍😍 smells SO GOOD and has amazing benefits proven to relax and ease tension. Enjoy!!

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