Goddesque Co. Luxury Waistbeads Fall 2021


Genuine gemstone/glass waistbeads!🕊️


Regularly $75

Now just $50 with promocode:

Butterfly9 (add in e-mail)

Order now!📯

goddesque13@yahoo.com 📨


Ethiopian opal/seedbead



Genuine African grey Opal

/ glass seedbead



Genuine Amythest/Dyed Coral/seedbead



Genuine Hemitite/ white glass seedbead



Double-strand glass seedbead/

Natural Green Agate/genuine Sapphire




Genuine Miyuki bead/ Black Opal/


#Blaze🏵️✨ #1009

Genuine Carnelian/Miyuki glass bead


Made with genuine Shungite, Onyx, African Grey Opal, Agate, and high quality Miyuki seedbeads!

All high quality natural stones✔️

Flexible polyurethane cord✔️

Free shipping✔️

*G cards denote the Goddesque Co. Brand AS SEEN AT this past Juneteenth Celebration in Phx, Az 2021!

To order, pick style by number (#hashtag) and email is direct to GoddesqueCo@mail.com or @ https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/GoddesqueCo or Western Union https://www.westernunion.com/hu/en/send-money-online.html send(75$ USD/Free shipping/ no International orders) or Paypal to Goddesqueco@mail.com

Thankhs for your support!📯🤍🕊️🤍🕊️

Nijeta Ankh🤍✨


Goddesque co.™

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